Do 1 Thing

Do you want to shift to a life with less plastic and less waste in general? Wondering where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? We’d love to help!  

We’ve learned a lot about how to change our own habits and perspectives over the past three years, and we’d like to offer this bit of advice: Please, don’t try to do everything at once! Choose just one step, the one that seems the easiest or most appealing to you, and give that a try. Adapt our ideas as necessary for your own household and lifestyle and keep at that one first change until it’s second nature, or until you’re excited to add another.

Remember that joy and pride are much better motivating emotions in the long run than guilt and shame. Find one first step solution here that addresses something you’d be happy to change because it’s driving you crazy, or something that you’d be proud to accomplish. Find the joy and humor in taking control of your stuff, and celebrate every little change you make. Over time, these small steps add up and can have a profound positive impact.

Find your own next step – Click through to our lists of solutions and tips.

Pick one thing to do and start with that:  

12 First Steps

Reuse Can Be Beautiful © Airyka Rockefeller

12 First Steps

Kitchen Solutions

Zero Waste Kitchen Tips photo © Liesl Clark

Kitchen Solutions

Bathroom Solutions

Plastic-Free Personal Care, photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

Bathroom Solutions

Bedroom Solutions

Zero Waste Your Bedroom for Extra Tranquility

Bedroom Solutions

Office Solutions

Call it a Pencil Fetish. But in the Future You'll Wish you Saved 'em. Photo by Liesl Clark

Office Solutions

Garage Solutions

Curate and Share Your Way to a Zero Waste Garage

Garage Solutions

Garden Solutions

An Old Headboard from Freecycle Makes a Perfect Garden Trellis, photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

Garden Solutions

Grocery Shopping Solutions

Grocery Shopping Solutions

Tips to Reduce Your Grocery Shopping 

DIY yogurt in small glass jars, ready for on-the-go eating, lunch bags, and snacks at home - photo: Rebecca Rockefeller

Reduce Your Grocery Shopping

School & Work Lunch Solutions

Monday's Lunch: Mozzarella, fruit cookie, trail mix, grapes, home-grown tomatoes, rice crackers. Photo © Rebecca Rockefeller

Packed Lunch Solutions

10 Steps to an Easy Classroom Waste Audit Activity

Classroom Waste Audits Are Fun, Photo © Liesl Clark

DIY Classroom Waste Audit TIps



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